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El futuro de la tecnología: comprender las nuevas innovaciones en tecnología

Información sobre las últimas tendencias y desarrollos tecnológicos

Sigue aprendiendo con Tech Delphi

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Acerca de la tecnología Delphi

Tech Delphi es una colección de información seleccionada, cuidadosamente mantenida, respaldada e impulsada por un creador independiente.

El objetivo de Tech Delphi es proporcionar a los lectores un análisis auténtico sobre las últimas tendencias y desarrollos tecnológicos. Ver elBlog y únete a nuestra comunidad para mantenerte informado


Explorando las fronteras de la innovación


Ever since I was knee-high to a Super Nintendo I've been obsessed with all things tech. It all started with the enchanting universe of video games—a realm that captured my imagination and set me on a path of discovery. From the unforgettable classics on the N64 to the boundless creativity of Forge World, my fascination only deepened.

This infatuation with video games ultimately guided me into a career within the technology industry. Here, I indulge my passion for the latest gadgets, tinker in coding experiments, troubleshoot hardware intricacies, and immerse myself in a dynamic and ever-changing world.


Yet, when I'm not absorbed in writing, researching, or resolving tech challenges, you'll likely find me either rolling dice at the Warhammer table or savoring a mountain of sushi with my wife.

This blog serves as my platform to share the excitement of tech and gaming with the wider world. Whether you're an experienced gamer, a tech aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates good sushi, I invite you to explore these pages where I hope you'll discover something intriguing, informative, and perhaps even a touch entertaining.


Descifrando el código


Información sobre las últimas tendencias y desarrollos tecnológicos


Reseñas sobre hardware y electrónica de consumo.


Testimonios de usuarios envueltos en la industria tecnológica.

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