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Helldivers 2 - Balance Patch on the Horizon

Helldivers 2 enthusiasts may find a little breathing room in the prospect of an upcoming set of updates to the less potent weapons in the game, as indicated by an upcoming balance patch.

helldivers 2 gameplay screenshot

As the prevailing Helldivers 2 meta revolves around stratagem choices like the railgun and the 500kg bomb, Arrowhead, the developer, is acknowledging community requests for a balance adjustment that introduces more diversity to your endgame toolkit.

A user on the official Discord channel inquired about the timeline and progress of a potential balance patch, expressing concerns about the underperformance of numerous weapons and stratagems. With advancing levels and increased difficulty, players are discovering that certain weapon selections become less viable. Some weapons are criticized as practically unusable, some described as being about as effective as hurling insults.

Fortunately, Baskinator, the community manager, responded with reassuring news, stating, "We are addressing that in an upcoming update."

The extent and timing of this impending balance adjustment are yet to be announced. But I speculate it could be fairly substantial. Serving as Helldivers 2's inaugural attempt at post-launch fine-tuning. Arrowhead will benefit from a wealth of user data now that the game has been stable for some time, offering a comprehensive understanding of player preferences and the reasons behind them, such as the widespread use of the railgun due to its effectiveness - although I’m a Recoilless Rifle guy myself.

Despite players not effortlessly conquering the toughest missions even with top-tier loadouts, there is optimism for substantial enhancements to the weakest weapons, with, at most, minor tweaks to the currently dominant choices.

Following weeks of patches concentrating on bug fixes and stability, which have successfully elevated the game's technical performance, a revitalization of underrated equipment would be warmly received.


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