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AI Safety in Focus: Global Leaders to Convene in South Korea

South Korea is set to host the second global AI Safety Summit on May 21–22, following the inaugural event at Bletchley Park in Britain six months prior. Government officials confirmed that the summit will build upon the Bletchley Declaration, an agreement signed by 28 nations, including the US and China, to collaborate on AI safety.

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Lee Jong-Ho, South Korea’s minister of science and information and communication technology, said that ‘The AI Safety Summit at Bletchley last year was a pivotal moment where government, industry, and academia converged to address AI risks. We are honored that South Korea will continue this important initiative started by the UK.’

The upcoming summit, which will be predominantly conducted online, will be a joint effort between South Korea and the UK, other governments, AI firms, civil society, and academia. France will host the subsequent in-person summit six months later. Extending the Bletchley Park legacy, the South Korean event will explore the potential capabilities of cutting-edge AI models. The International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety, developed by a panel of 32 global experts, will be released ahead of the Korean summit.

The significance of such international collaboration in the AI sphere cannot be overstated. AI technologies are rapidly advancing and hold immense potential to transform industries and society. However, they also pose complex ethical and safety challenges that demand collective action. Cross-border partnerships like the Bletchley Declaration are crucial for fostering global norms and standards around AI development and deployment.

Communication and transparency are foundational principles in this context. Ensuring open dialogue among stakeholders—governments, researchers, businesses, and civil society—promotes shared understanding and responsible innovation. Transparent practices, such as disclosing AI algorithms and data sources, bolster trust and accountability in AI systems.

The South Korea summit underscores the necessity of ongoing dialogue and information-sharing to navigate the evolving landscape of AI. By prioritizing cross-collaboration and emphasizing communication and transparency, stakeholders can collectively harness AI's potential while mitigating risks and safeguarding societal interests


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